Feeding the Pool of Love by Pastor Daniel

1 Peter 4:8

Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.

In a chapter themed on the principle of living for God, this verse starts out with the words "most important of all..." Peter wants you to prepare yourself for the significance of what he is about to say. He tells us to love each other because it covers a great many sins. When you find that person(s) who seems to bother you no matter what they do, things that wouldn't even register with you if someone else did them, let me submit to you that it is less their actions that lead to your displeasure and more the fact that you have no love for them with which to cover their sins. Instead of trying to change them and get them to do the things that bother you less, why not instead focus on what you can control: love to cover their sins.

How though? How do we have enough love to cover their sins? The key word in this passage is "deep" - continue to show DEEP love for each other. When you hear the word "deep" what does that bring to mind? Water. The other day I filled a blow up pool for a party at my house. When we were done and I was heading inside the pool was full and there were a few small puddles on the ground around it. The next morning I came out and the puddles were gone, but the water in the pool remained. Why? The puddles were shallow, so it didn't take much for them to evaporate or be absorbed into the earth, but because the pool was deep, it remained. The pool's great depth made it capable of surviving in conditions that the puddles could not.

How do we acquire deep love then? By pouring into it. In the same way I chose to feed the pool instead of feeding the puddles, what we choose to feed is what will grow. You can feed your issues, or the love that will be absorbed into this world, or we can feed our love for each other.

The next time someone bothers you, or you feel like you've had enough, check the depth of your love for them and consider feeding love. When love is deep, like the love of God (Ephesians 3:18), it submerges, covers, and washes away a multitude of sin.