The Gods I Have Made

Judges 18:24, NLT

“What do you mean, ‘What’s the matter?’” Micah replied. “You’ve taken away all the gods I have made, and my priest, and I have nothing left!”

When we feel that we have nothing left, there are only two possible reactions: despair or reevaluation.

Despair is the easiest one to slip into.  You've lost everything, and you have every right to feel like giving up. How can one go on when they have nothing left?

However, perhaps reevaluating could yield greater results.  Let's examine this Micah's statement a little closer: “You’ve taken away all the gods I have made..." We laugh because we know created gods are a delusion.  Anyone that would worship a god that they fashioned themselves should not feel lost when they are removed, since those gods cannot logically be greater than the one who made them.  He must have known that these gods weren't all powerful if he's the one who created them, right?

Yet how often do we create our own gods and ascribe greatness to these idols we have erected?  How devastated do we become when the very things we "worship" are taken away from us?  Just because the idols of the 21st century are more covert does not mean that we do not still fashion a functional savior for ourselves to worship.  We grasp so tightly the gods of relationship, opportunity, money, power, etc., and how mournful we become if anything were to befall it.  You may not worship an image carved in rock, but there are things in your life that some might call gods.  How will you respond if they were brought down?

"And I have nothing left!"  It is when we find ourselves here, when all that we've used to build our house of sand is washed away, when all distractions, endeavors, gods and their images are stripped is when we are surrounded by nothing, that we have a greater chance of seeing Him.  When all lesser gods are removed from our vision, perhaps then we can more clearly see the real God.

If you feel you have nothing else, if you've watched things and people you've built your life on come and go, and you are looking for something, ANYTHING to fill the nothingness, maybe it's time to look to the everlasting One.  The uncreated God.  The beginning and the end.

Why settle for nothing, when He can give you everything?